We’ll see how this goes.

2016 was a crazy year for politics.  It also showed me that there’s a lot still to learn about our political system, our past presidents, and the decisions being made in Washington DC, Olympia, and Seattle that effect me.  I also learned that I could no longer trust the media to accurately report on most of these things.  The only way that I could make an informed decision was to go back to the primary sources and see what happened for myself.  Only then could I read the opinion pieces and journalism pieces surrounding the event.

There are 3 major goals I have for the next four months:

  1. Read and annotate The Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers.
  2. Read and listen to the inauguration and major speeches of our past presidents
  3. Watch the major hearings, press conferences, and policy decisions of our DC administration and track my thoughts on them.  This … is not likely going to happen given the workload of just 1 and 2.

This site is an attempt to keep me honest to that goal.  Any analysis done is my own opinion, backed up as much as possible by the primary sources, but no promises can be made of the overall accuracy.  I’ll link primary sources as often as possible so that others can see the words in context and draw their own conclusions.  Always eager to see the different conclusions drawn from the same text.

It is important to remember, however, that when you are reading a person’s words, you are reading the side of them that they wish to present to the world.  Thus, some of the speeches or papers may actually hold a severely biased view to the events happening.  Wars may be waged under false pretenses.  The state of the Union might be exaggerated or bemoaned.  Odd philosophies may be espoused as factual and right.  Alternative facts may be used.  Opponents may be made into strawmen.  When possible, I’ll try to talk about some of these things during the speech analysis.  But I might get them wrong.  I will stick to the facts as much as possible, but I might not have them all or I might be going off of old analysis.

The hope is that once the series of inauguration speeches and the Federalist / Anti-Federalist Papers are annotated, I can return and spend a month or so on each president and the situation of the country and world at the time that they were in office.  It’s a lot of work and will be a 5+ year project.  In the end, it may or may not be worth it, but it’s more productive than a hobby in video games.

It is what it is.  My political journey of 2017 and beyond.  Just taking it one step at a time.