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I started this blog and experiment when I was unemployed.  Not because I was unemployed but because I had a lot of free time on my hands for reading, writing, and following politics.

Good news: I’ve got a job again.  Sitting here, drinking a glass of Angel’s Envy (which lives up to its name) to celebrate finishing my first week in the office.

Bad news: I’m falling off of schedule.  I tried to stick to a post a day during the weekdays, each day either reviewing a different inaugural address or a couple of chapters of a book I’m reading, or general thoughts on links from the weeks.  Now … I’m up early, back late, and have a social life to juggle.  So some posts might not appear or will be delayed or whatever.

More good news: My plan for this blog wasn’t to get regular readers (of which I have none), but to provide a place that keeps me honest and also gives me a forcing function to think more deeply about the words I’m reading.  That might not always come out in my posts, but the fact that I am reading the speeches twice, underlining, summarizing, transferring to digital, and writing thoughts means that I’m internalizing a lot more than if I were just reading them.

I’m on William Henry Harrison now.  Those of you who study history know that his inaugural address was inversely proportionate to his length of time in office.  It’s taking a while.  Should be up on Monday, though.

Here’s a link to Senator Rubio’s thoughts on the recent censure of Senator Warren (also linked – as a note to those who might lack context, Senator Warren attempted to read a letter by Coretta Scott King that attacked Senator Sessions, who was being considered for Attorney General.  Senate rules state that it is not allowed to personally attack another Senator for any reason on the Senate floor – off of it is fair game).  My views mirror Rubio’s: The very foundation of our country is in civil discourse.  Even when you hate the very marrow of the bones of your political opponents, forcing yourself to remain civil is more conducive to reaching an understanding than vilifying them.

Senator Warren at her being censored

Senator Rubio’s remarks on civility within the Senate

Bonus: Senator Tim Scott speaks about this as well as backlash. Skip to 13:00 for his experience as a black conservative