List of interesting articles that caught my eye this week.  Not sure if I’ll continue this “feature” since there are a lot more articles that I read and I really don’t feel like needing to document every single thing I see.


There were a lot of Michigan people in DC for either the Women’s March, Inauguration, or both.

There was a lot of fog all the way from just outside DC until South East Michigan (where we ended, but still a lot of fog).  I can’t find any articles that are actually putting bounds on the amount of fog we saw.  It is noteworthy since I’ve never seen a fog bank cover that large of an area through the middle of the day.




Korean BBQ is good.  Especially the places where you cook over a little charcoal grill in the middle of the table.  Kimchi is still bad.

Rand Paul wrote an article explaining why he voted against the confirmation of CIA Director Pompleo.

Pompeo still confirmed.

Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders praises Trump for backing out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership


Someone realized that a featured speaker from the Women’s March, Donna Hylton, was convicted of kidnapping and torturing an elderly man 31 years ago. (Warning: descriptions of the case are graphic)

Watched an interesting video interview done by (of all journalists) TMZ. Interesting look at the man through the use of objects present within Trump Tower. Watch through the credits!

Transgender activists argue that defining women based on genitalia is exclusive and wrong.

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway has received Secret Service protection due to death threats.

Martin Shkreli has started a new website, pharmaskeletons.com, in order to bring to light the underhanded dealings of the pharmaceutical industry.


PBS Lists the 10 Executive Orders that Trump has Signed so far

Rand Paul releases list of Obamacare changes he’s fighting for

Trump is bringing different groups to the table and applying a “charm offensive”

GOP not sure it will meet Obamacare repeal target


Obama administration has worst record before the Supreme Court

Hillary Clinton may have received votes from up to 800k ineligible voters


Senator Mia Love at the March for Life

NY Times puts Trump’s “gag orders” into historical perspective

March for Life in Washington DC. Also included speeches by Vice President Pence and Sen Mia Love

March for Life vs Women’s March Compare and Contrast

Trump Administration Approval Rating Rises


Omarosa Manigault On Role In White House, ‘Engagement’ With Black Community & More

Trump institutes lobbying ban for those serving in his administration